The SoreVita Story​

How We Beat Cold Sores and How We Got There

I still remember the first time vividly. I was in the third grade. The night before, I felt a strange itching on my upper lip. Of course, being the kid that I was, I had no clue what that meant. I constantly scratched and licked around the itch spot.

It had become unbearable the next morning, and bumps began appearing all over my upper lip, all the way up to my nose. Yellowy scabbing soon began developing. My teachers and classmates constantly asked questions throughout the school day, as if I had developed some deadly disease. This was a few decades ago, in a very small town – no one understood what had happened.

Still, other than the pain and itching, I was mostly oblivious. I was still a kid. I didn’t care what others thought of me.

This would later change.

As I grew older, the questions became more pointed, the stares more apparent. I began feeling the awkwardness. Outbreak days felt “heavier.”

Finally, I decided to look it up.

It was “cold sores,” a gentler term for oral herpes. Turns out I had gotten it from my mother, who has also had it most of her life. Ironically, the more I knew about cold sores, the less comfortable I felt when I had an outbreak. It got to the point where I was painfully unproductive during outbreaks, because I felt so embarrassed and depressed about my cold sores.

So I teamed up with my family and began a two-decades quest to find the best possible solution to cold sores. Over a period of nearly twenty years, we tried numerous vitamins, herbs, ointments and various combinations thereof. We finally got the formula right, and we soon made it our mission to share it with the many millions of people suffering from the same problem.

We proudly present to you SoreVita, a formula we have taken for many years and has worked incredibly well for us. We take it once a day as our daily multi, and take additional tablets on an as-needed basis – for example, during the flu or times of high stress. We have had almost no outbreaks during these years. It felt as if we did not have cold sores anymore.


Indeed, SoreVita has changed our lives.

SoreVita is completely safe. It contains many of the stable ingredients in common multivitamins, plus a well-tested proprietary blend that includes vegetables, fruits and bee propolis. We encourage you to give it a try and see the results for yourself. We hope that it can change your life just the same as it did for us.


The SoreVita Family