FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is SoreVita?
SoreVita is a safe and natural daily multivitamin. SoreVita's stable ingredients are no different than those found in common multivitamins. Our additional natural proprietary blend includes vegetables, fruits, and bee propolis. This formula has worked for us over the years.
2. How do I use SoreVita?
SoreVita is designed to be taken daily. We recommend taking 1 to 2 tablets daily, preferably with a meal. Additionally, 2-4 tablets may be taken at times of weakness (for example, after cold exposure, excess sun exposure, times of high stress, suffering from the flu, etc.), when cold sore outbreaks may most likely occur. We recommend taking 2-4 tablets when you feel the dreaded tingling.
3. Why should I buy SoreVita?
We designed Sorevita because we have suffered cold sores all of our lives. We understand the feeling of suddenly waking up with cold sores and the ensuing embarrassment and depression. We strived to create something that offers constant protection against cold sores, to reduce surprises. SoreVita is currently the only daily multivitamin on the market designed specifically for cold sore sufferers.  SoreVita is a fantastic daily multivitamin even without the cold sore benefit.
4. What assurances do I have as a customer?
We have tested and tried these ingredients over the years, and they have worked for us. Research have shown that these ingredients help against cold sores for many. However, per the FDA, as a dietary supplement, we cannot legally guarantee that SoreVita will work for everyone, and we cannot guarantee that SoreVita will diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any particular disease. We encourage you to give us a try and see for yourself. Results may vary.
We want you to give us a try risk-free. If you are not satisfied with SoreVita, simply contact us within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price. If you purchased SoreVita on Amazon, simply reach out to Amazon for a refund.